Saint Valentine: The El Gordo Lottery and the Season of Love

18th February 2023. €105,000,000. Do you have the Lotto Love?

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About Saint Valentine

The National Lottery Extraordinary Draw is the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day. The event will take place on 18th February at 9:00 p.m. in Madrid.

A total of 105 million euros will be distributed among 10 series of 100,000 tickets each at 150 euros per ticket, divided into tenths of 15 euros. Of the final amount collected, 70% of the issuance is allocated to the prizes.

The winning number of each series will receive a whopping €1,300,000 euros. The second prize is €250,000 with a series ticket. There are 50 prizes of €3,750 with a series. You can also win 1,500 prizes of €750 for the series and 2,000 prizes of €300 for the series.


Waiting to enjoy the Extraordinary Valentine's Draw with your partner? Draw time is at 9:00 p.m. Good luck to all who play on the most romantic day of the year.

Distribution of Prizes:

  • A Special Prize of €15,000,000 euros to a single ticket tenth holder.
  • A First Prize of 1,300,000 euros per series ticket.
  • A Second Prize of 250,000 euros per series ticket.
  • 3,485,100 prizes in total to give away.

The Spanish Valentine's Draw is held every year to celebrate the international day of love. Although Valentine's Day is celebrated on the fourteenth of February, the date of the draw may be adapted so that it can be held on a typical draw day, like a Saturday, so it is possible that it will not take place on exactly February 14 every year.

This draw brings a total of €105,000,000 distributed over 10 series, issued with numbers ranging from 00000 to 99999. The first prize for each series ticket in this draw is €1,500,000. This extraordinary draw also has a Special Prize of €15,000,000 for the tenth ticket, if their number, fraction and series is drawn.

Valentine Prize Giveaway

Here you will find all the details of the prizes offered by the Extraordinary Valentine's Draw. In this draw, ten series of 100,000 tickets each are issued every year. Each ticket is divided into tenths. 10 separate pieces that must be reunited in order to receive a series prize. It must be taken into account that the percentage of the prize of the winning number that you will receive will depend on how many tenths you have obtained. If you have only one ticket, for example, you will receive 10% of the prize from the winning ticket. In the case of the Special Prize of €15,000,000 only one ticket tenth is required.

In the Extraordinary Valentine's Draw, there are a total of 3,485,100 prizes and a total of €9,013,000 in prizes for each series.

Valentine's Extraordinary Raffle Prizes

Special extraction to a single tenth (Match number, series & fraction)
15.000.000 €
Unique Prize
1 in 1,000,000
1st Prize. Match 5 Digits (1st extraction)
1.300.000 €
1.300.000 €
1 in 100,000
2nd Prize. Match 5 Digits (2nd extraction)
250.000 €
250.000 €
1 in 100,000
Five 4-digit extractions
3.750 €
187.000 €
1 in 2,000
Fifteen 3-digit extractions
750 €
1.250.000 €
1 in 66.66
Two 2-digit extractions
300 €
600.000 €
1 in 50
Number before and after the 1st prize
24.000 €
48.000 €
1 in 50,000
Number before and after the 2nd prize
15.325 €
30.650 €
1 in 50,000
Tickets that start with the last 3 digits from the 1st prize
750 €
74.250 €
1 in 1,010
Tickets that start with the last 3 digits from the 2nd prize
750 €
74.250 €
1 in 1,010
Tickets that end with the 3 digits from the 1st prize
750 €
74.250 €
1 in 1,010
Tickets that end with the 2 digits from 1st prize
750 €
749.250 €
1 in 10.01
Tickets that end with the last number from the 1st prize
150 €
1.499.850 €
1 in 10,001
Last digit from the 1st special extraction of 1 digit.
150 €
1.500.000 €
1 in 10
Last digit from the 2nd special extraction of 1 digit
150 €
1.500.000 €
1 in 10

More Extraordinary Draws

In addition to the traditional Christmas Lottery Draw and the ‘El Niño' Lottery, other extraordinary draws are held throughout the year. Among them are the Valentine's Lottery Draw, which takes place on or close to Valentine’s day. Throughout the year you can also play draws such as the Extraordinary Winter Draw, the Father's Day Giveaway, the Spring Celebration, and the Summer Holiday Vacation Draw.

Jackpot Prizes

These are the biggest prizes distributed by Saint Valentine's Lottery:

  • A special prize of 15,000,000 euros per tenth for a single fraction of one of the tickets
  • A first prize (extraction of 5 figures) of 130,000 euros for the tenth (for the rest of the fractions)
  • A second prize (extraction of 5 figures) of 25,000 euros to the tenth

Other Awards

  • 50 prizes (five 4-figure withdrawals) of 375 euros per tenth
  • 1,500 prizes (fifteen 3-figure withdrawals) of 75 euros per tenth
  • 2,000 prizes (two withdrawals of 2 figures) of 30 euros per tenth

Valentine's Day Lottery Draw: how much does it cost?

When playing inside Spain the average ticket cost is €15 per tenth, with the series costing €150 in total for all ten parts of the separated bill. Outside of Spain the only way to get a ticket is with a messenger service, with a surcharge added to keep servers operational. Depending on the site you choose, discounts may be applied closer to the draw, but the chances to own a complete 10-part ticket are more unlikely the longer you put off making a bet.

These are the extra prizes distributed by the Valentine Lottery:

  • Two rewards for the numbers before and after the first prize, from €2,400 euros to the tenth.
  • Two rewards for the numbers before and after the second prize, from €1,532 euros to the tenth.

Hundreds, Tens & Refunds

Tickets that end in either the last 3, 2, or 1 figure equal to top prize matches also get a second chance at a prize:

  • Prizes for the tickets whose last three figures are the same as the numbers from the first prize. €75 euros to the tenth.
  • Prizes for the tickets whose last two figures are the same as the numbers from the second prize. €75 euros to the tenth.
  • Ticket price reimbursements for the tickets whose last figure is the same as the first prize. €15 euros per tenth.
  • Ticket price reimbursements for tickets whose last figure is the same as the first special extraction of a single number. €15 euros per tenth.
  • Ticket price reimbursements for tickets whose last figure is the same as the second special extraction of a single number. €15 euros per tenth.

Rewards, select draws and reinstatements to players

Although the lure of a large prize is the primary temptation for many, the Extraordinary Sant Valentin Draw also consists of many smaller prizes. The numbers before and after the first and second prize are rewarded with 2,400 and €1,532 euros for a matching tenth, respectively.

The History

Much has been said about Valentine's Day, that it is an invention of department stores and florists and card companies, that it is a day that we celebrate purely under obligation rather than any real joy. But not many people know why this holiday even came to be. February 14 has its own story dating back to the third century and was inspired by a Roman priest named Valentine. At that time, the Roman Empire was ruled by Claudius II. This emperor prohibited marriage, believing that single men without children were better soldiers.

Valentín (in his original language), was in total disagreement with this measure and considered the decree unfair. As such, against the emperor's wishes, he clandestinely married all the lovers that came to him in secret, hence Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers to this day.

In the year 494AD, Pope Gelasius I designated 14th February as the official day of Saint Valentine. The holiday was celebrated in the Catholic Church for the next 15 centuries. In 1969, the Vatican removed the date due to a lack of preservation from the era. Under pagan influences, the date became synonymous with what we know today.

We cannot deny that whatever it may be, February 14 is a day of extremes; you either love it or you hate it. When the vast majority think of this day, love, flowers, chocolates, fine jewellery or a romantic dinner come to mind.

The Most Original Gift

Are you seriously going to give away a watch or a bracelet again? Flowers wither and chocolate goes to the thighs and we are already in bikini mode preparation! If what you want is a gift that you can really enjoy together. If you want this year to be truly memorable, why not go beyond the typical gifts and dare to dream as a couple? Shared pleasure is always better spent!

The History of Valentine

Along with this "official" history, Valentine has starred in different events and generated different customs throughout history, such as:

  • The publication of the poem Parliament of Fowls by the English writer Geoffrey Chaucer in 1382. From this writing, Valentine's Day began to be considered as a day dedicated to love (because it is during this time when the birds begin their pairings).
  • In 1400, King Charles VI of France created the Court of Love, which held a series of tournaments in which the participants competed for one of the court maidens
  • When the French Duke Charles of Orleans was captured and imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1416, he wrote a Valentine's letter to his wife. This letter is currently the oldest Valentine's letter in existence.
  • In 1850, the North American artist and businesswoman Esther Howland began to sell the first Valentine's Day cards.
  • Over the years, 14th February became a day when lovers send each other love notes and give each other gifts, perhaps reminding themselves of how important love is in life.

Other Extraordinary Lottery Draws

The Extraordinary Valentine's Day Raffle is the third Spanish jackpot of the year, after the El Niño New Year and Extraordinary Winter Raffle. The next special drawings will be on Father's Day and the Spring Welcome, which will take place in March and May.

These are followed by the Extraordinary Holiday Raffle, held in July to match the start of summer break. This draw raises the cost €20 euros a tenth and has a special prize of €20M euros to a single ticket tenth. The last draw of the year is the Christmas Lottery, the most anticipated, which takes place on 22nd December each year.

When are the Extraordinary National Lottery Draws?

Some of the Extraordinary National Lottery Draws have a fixed date, but others are adapted so that they can be held on Saturdays.

  • January: El Niño Drawing (6th January) Winter Drawing (TBD)
  • February: Valentine's Day Drawing (14th February)
  • March: Father's Day Drawing (TBD)
  • May: Extraordinary Spring Drawing (TBD)
  • July: Extraordinary Vacation Drawing (First Saturday of July)
  • December: El Gordo Christmas Day Drawing (22nd December)

The Adverts

The title chosen for Valentine's Day 2021 advertisement is 'The language of couples', which encourages all couples to participate in small detail and wait for luck to be favourable.

On February 14, your luck can change

For a small investment, you can become one of the many possible winners in the next Saint Valentine's Lottery Draw. The more numbers you play, the greater your chance of getting a prize!

105 million euros in total to be distributed in prizes

The issue of the Extraordinary Valentine's Draw 2021 maintains the same format as each year and consists of ten series of 100,000 tickets each, ranging from number 00,000 to 99,999.

Each ticket has a price of 150 euros, which in turn consists of 10 tenths at 15 euros each.

In total, there are 34,851 prizes to be distributed in the draw and 9,013,000 euros will be distributed for each series.

You can buy the tenths or the series at the point of sale of your choice and you can also buy them here with all the comfort without leaving the home. The greatest fortune in life is to have someone to love; give them a tenth and you could change your lives forever.

Buying a lottery ticket has its magic; It makes you dream of everything you want to do and that until now you have not been able to. That trip to exotic places, a new car, paying the mortgage on the apartment and so much more. As we all do, you will be making great efforts to save some money to be able to fulfil one of the many dreams on that bucket list. Imagine that next February 14th you find that money is no longer a limitation because your tenth was the one to win.

In our daily lives, we cannot afford to leave anything to chance. We must plan and organize our budget and our activities to move forward in life and be able to achieve everything we set out to do. Instead, in the lottery, it is a chance that can make your life turn for the better. But for a chance to work its magic, you first need to play.

We all dream of a stroke of luck that allows us to have extra money to lighten the load or to do so many things that we have in mind. Leaving a little in the hands of chance playing the lottery is opening a small window to be able to obtain the financial support that you need to achieve your dreams and goals. The more times you play, the more likely it is that chance works in your favour.

Do you know how likely you are to win?

We know that the probability of winning the Special Prize is one in a hundred thousand. For the other prizes, these are the chances you have to get one of them:

For the first and second prize the chance of winning is 1 in 100,000. Instead, for the five four-digit withdrawals, it increases to 1 in 2,000 because there are 50 prizes to be distributed.

For 3-digit prizes, such as 1,500, the winning numbers have a 1 in 67 chance of winning. On the other hand, you have 2,000 prizes for two-digit draws, with which you have a 1 in 50 chance.

For the numbers before and after the first and second prizes, your chance of winning is 1 in 50,000. As the amount is smaller, your chances of winning increase.

We already know that we all aspire to the special prize. But earning something even a little less is also good. And with nearly 3.5 million prizes to giveaway (3,485,100), you would be bonkers for not testing those odds.

Join the Valentine's Day celebration by buying a lottery ticket. On February 14, the memory of this brave priest who dared to challenge power in the name of love, that beautiful feeling that unites us and moves the world, is honoured.

Chase your dreams to find your luck!