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About El Gordo

The World of Spanish Lotteries

When you hear the word “El Gordo”, the phrase itself conjures a lot of different images associated with the lotteries played in Spain. Perhaps the most famous example is the Christmas Lottery, which is played annually on 22nd December. Or maybe you’re thinking about the Summer El Gordo, which takes place on the first weekend of July. Or you’re just trying to find out what exactly El Gordo means?

The Meaning of El Gordo

The History of El Gordo

The word El Gordo doesn’t mean much without context, rather like if you took someone pre-1990 and asked them to please give us the Wi-Fi password so we can Google an Uber from our Apple.

The literal meaning of El Gordo is “The Fat” or “The Fat One”, which is the Spanish shortcut for saying Jackpot, or top prize. But why not just say “Jackpot” in the first place?

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