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9th December 2023 - Experience Autumn with El Gordo Lotteries

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About El Gordo Autumn Draws

The Autumn El Gordo draws, also known as the Extraordinary draws of Autumn or the “Sorteos Extraordinarios de Otoño” are special events that occur once per month in September, October, and November. These draws offer an additional opportunity for participants to win prizes in the famous El Gordo lottery series. The September draw is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 9th, while the exact dates for the October and November draws have yet to be announced, it is presumed that October will take place on Saturday 14th October, the November draw will occur on Saturday 4th November, and the December draw will happen on Saturday, December 9th.

These Extraordinary draws are highly anticipated and attract lottery enthusiasts from all over Spain. Participants have the chance to win significant cash prizes, adding excitement and anticipation to the autumn season. The Autumn El Gordo draws provide an opportunity for people to experience the thrill of the lottery and potentially win life-changing amounts of money.

Enjoy Autumn El Gordo Jackpots

The jackpot for each of the Autumn Extraordinary draws is €105 million euros for each game. This amount is distributed among the various prizes and categories awarded in each draw. With such a significant jackpot, the Autumn Extraordinary draws offer the possibility of substantial winnings and the chance to change the lives of fortunate winners who play. In addition to the jackpot, there are also other prizes distributed across different categories, providing more people with the opportunity to be rewarded in each draw.

To obtain the exact details of how the €105 million euros in prizes are distributed in each Autumn Extraordinary draw, it is recommended to refer to the official information provided by Loterias y Apuestas for each updated draw. For a prize breakdown of how prizes are normally distributed please refer to our table breakdown.

Autumn Draw Lottery Prize Table Average Breakdown

Prize Level
Total Number of Prizes
Prize per Billete
Prize per Decimo
Total Prize Fund
First Prize Jackpot
Second Prize
Third Prize
5-digit draw
4-digit draw
3-digit draw
2-digit draw
5-Digit Numbers Before and After the First Prize
5-Digit Numbers Before and After the Second Prize
5-Digit Numbers Before and After the Third Prize
Tickets that start with the first 3 digits of the First Prize
Tickets that start with the first 3 digits of the Second Prize
Tickets that start with the first 3 digits of the Third Prize
Tickets that end with the last 3 digits of the First Prize
Tickets that end with the last 2 digits of the First Prize
Tickets that end with the last digit of the First Prize
The first special extraction of 1 digit
The second special extraction of 1 digit.

El Gordo Draws Throughout The Year

Below you will find a list of the draw that will occur next year, including their predicted draw dates. At the time of writing this the dates are not officially set for all draws, but based on previous data we can safely assume that this is when they will happen.

Here is a summary of the draws in 2024:


  • Extraordinaire El Niño: Held on January 6th 2024, this draw is dedicated to El Niño and offers exciting prizes. The jackpot is valued at roughly €700M although this total could increase according to public interest. Read all about El Niño on our dedicated page.
  • Winter Extraordinaire: Taking place on January 13th 2024, this draw adds a touch of excitement to the winter season.
  • January Special: Held on January 20th 2024, this special draw offers unique prizes to kick off the new year.


  • Saint Valentine Extraordinaire: Celebrated on February 17th 2024, this draw adds a romantic twist to the lottery and offers attractive prizes. This draw is typically valued at €105M when held. More information about the Saint Valentine’s day game can be found on our website.


  • Father's Day Extraordinaire: Taking place on March 16th 2024, this draw is dedicated to honouring fathers. This game offers a unique prize of €15M to a single ticket winner. To find out more, check out our Father’s Day summary and prize breakdown.


  • AECC Extraordinaire: Held on April 6th 2024, this draw supports the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) and offers special prizes. To read about the work that supports the AECC and lotteries please check out our page .


  • Mother's Day Extraordinaire: Celebrated on May 11th 2024, this draw is dedicated to celebrating mothers. More information about this draw can be found the Mother’s Day draw page via our menu or on the link.


  • Red Cross Extraordinaire: Taking place on June 1st 2024, this draw supports the Red Cross and offers special prizes.


  • Summer Holiday Extraordinaire: Held on July 6th 2024, this draw adds excitement to the summer season and offers enticing prizes.
  • July Extraordinaire: Taking place on July 13th 2024, this draw offers additional opportunities for participants to win prizes throughout the summer months .



  • Held on 14th September 2024, this draw is part of the autumn selection of Extraordinaire games talking place throughout the fall. These games typically are not themed and are a way to have fun.


  • Drawn in the spooky month, this draw happens on the 12th of October 2024. There could be a hint of Halloween in this draw, or perhaps a nod to the famous roasted chestnuts that start to appear at vendors this time of year.


  • Taking place on 9th November 2024, this is one of the last draws to happen before the most celebrated El Gordo de Navidad. That is all for the three autumn draws!


  • Constitution Day Extraordinaire: Held on December 6th 2024, this draw celebrates the Spanish Constitution with a non working holiday.
  • El Gordo Christmas: The most famous and highly anticipated draw , held on December 22nd 2024, it offers the largest jackpot and is a highlight of the holiday season.

These are the El Gordo draws planned for 2024, offering participants throughout the year the chance to win significant cash prizes. Be sure to bookmark this page and dig out your 2024 calendars so you never miss a draw coming in the new year.