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3rd June 2023 - Helping others with The Red Cross Lottery

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About Lotería Nacional Red Cross

The Red Cross “Cruz Roja” Lottery is a lottery held in several Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Venezuela, among others. In Spain, this lottery is is held in June and organized by lottery operator Loterias y Apuestas. Funds raised are used to finance humanitarian projects and help people in vulnerable situations.

In Mexico, the National Lottery organizes a special Red Cross draw every month. In other countries, the frequency and format of the draw may vary. The Red Cross Lottery is a way to support the Red Cross charity in its important humanitarian work, while having the chance to win a cash prize.

100 years with the Red Cross

The alliance between the Red Cross and Lottery operator Loterías y Apuestas dates back to 1924. Since then, the commitment of the public entity with all the actions and strategies of the NGO has lasted over time, strengthening the collaboration agreements between both organizations. In this way, stability and permanence are provided to the different programs developed by the Red Cross.

Among the programs launched thanks to this collaboration, care for the elderly, people with disabilities, women in situations of social difficulty or people in situations of extreme vulnerability stand out, with special attention to individuals at risk of poverty and social exclusion. In addition, Loterías y Apuestas also collaborates with different health programs whose objective is to promote healthy habits and behaviours that contribute to improving the quality of life of the recipients. Over the past 2 years it has also incorporated humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine.

How to Play Red Cross Lottery June 2023

The Red Cross Lotto Extraordinaire is a game of chance that takes place in Spain in the month of June. It is one of a collection of Extraordinary draws that take place throughout the year. Normally there is one Extraordinary for each month of the year, however in some months such as December and January there are two draws to choose from. If you wish to play the Lotto Extraordinaire, you can follow the steps below:

  • Find an authorized lottery agency that offers the draw you wish to play. You can find one online or at a local lottery store.
  • Purchase a lottery ticket. Tickets for your draw of choosing go on sale a few months before the live draw. Depending on the popularity of the game, some games may be on sale for up to 5 months before the day leading up to the draw.
  • The chosen ticket will have a series of numbers that must match the numbers that will be drawn in the lottery drawing. Prize breakdowns can be found below.
  • Select your numbers. Depending on the lottery game, it may be necessary to choose specific numbers, or it may be a game where the numbers are randomly selected.
  • Pay the cost of the ticket. The cost varies by lottery game.
  • Wait for the live draw. The Lotto Extraordinaire draw have specific monthly dates. Once the drawing has taken place, you can check the winning numbers online or at a lottery retailer.
  • Claim your prize if you have won. If your numbers match the winning numbers, you must present your winning ticket at the lottery retailer to claim your prize. It is important to keep in mind that lotteries are a game of chance. Lotteries should only be played by those aged 18 or over. Please remember to play responsibly.

Odds of Winning Red Cross Extraordinaire

In the Spanish Red Cross Lottery, the odds of winning a prize depend on the number of tickets sold and the number of prizes available in each category.

In the Red Cross Lottery, the draw is carried out using a numbered ball system, in which five balls are drawn from a drum corresponding to the tens of thousands, units of thousands, hundreds, tens and units of the winning numbers.

Below you will find a summary of the odds of winning in the Spanish Red Cross Lottery draw:


In the Spanish Red Cross Lottery, there are several prizes available in each draw, which are distributed among the different prize categories, according to the number of hits and the value of the prize. Below, I provide you with a breakdown of the prizes available in the July 2021 draw, with a total of 84,000 tickets on sale:

  • First prize: 1 prize of €1,500,000 per series ticket sold.
  • Second prize: 1 prize of €300,000 per series ticket sold.
  • Third prize: 1 prize of €150,000 per series ticket sold.
  • Fourth prizes: 12 prizes of €75,000 per series ticket sold.
  • Fifth prizes: 40 prizes of €3,750 per series ticket sold.
  • Sixth prizes: 1,100 prizes of €750 per series ticket sold.
  • Seventh prizes: 5,000 prizes of €300 per series ticket sold.
  • Two 5-Digit Numbers Before and After the First Prize
  • Two 5-Digit Numbers Before and After the Second Prize
  • Two 5-Digit Numbers Before and After the Third Prize
  • First prize terminations: 99 prizes of €750 per ticket sold.
  • Second prize terminations: 99 prizes of €750 per ticket sold.
  • Third prize terminations: 99 prizes of €750 per ticket sold.
  • Fourth prize terminations: 999 prizes of €1,000 per ticket sold.
  • Fifth prize terminations: 9,999 prizes of €150 per ticket sold.
  • Refunds: 2 special extractions of 1 digit of €150 per ticket sold.
  • Winnings: 37,555 prizes total.

Please note that these prizes are a reference and new draws may vary depending on the number of tickets sold and the prizes available in each draw. As part of the event, Loterías y Apuestas and the Red Cross may also establish additional or special prizes in the future.

Red Cross Lottery Prize Table

Prize Level
Total Number of Prizes
Prize per Billete
Prize per Decimo
Total Prize Fund
First Prize Jackpot
Second Prize
Third Prize
5-digit draw
4-digit draw
3-digit draw
2-digit draw
5-Digit Numbers Before and After the First Prize
5-Digit Numbers Before and After the Second Prize
5-Digit Numbers Before and After the Third Prize
Tickets that start with the first 3 digits of the First Prize
Tickets that start with the first 3 digits of the Second Prize
Tickets that start with the first 3 digits of the Third Prize
Tickets that end with the last 3 digits of the First Prize
Tickets that end with the last 2 digits of the First Prize
Tickets that end with the last digit of the First Prize
The first special extraction of 1 digit
The second special extraction of 1 digit.

Total Breakdown: 37,555 Prizes to Win

Approximately 70% of tickets sold result in a prize, making this one of the luckiest draws around the world, whilst also championing a good cause. To ensure victory in receiving a winning ticket, many people choose to buy coupons or tenths with different possible endings in order to increase their chances. Remember that, whatever your strategy and the result of the draw, many people that benefit from the help of the Red Cross will have already won thanks to your participation.

Where to see the Red Cross draw 2023

The Extraordinary Draw of the Cruz Roja from the National Lottery 2023 will be held on Saturday 3rd June starting at 1:00 p.m. You can follow this draw live from the Antena 3 Noticias website and the Loteria y Apuestas live draw page. Clips will also be up on Youtube shortly after the draw.

How to buy a ticket for the Red Cross draw?

Every one of the people who buy their ticket for the draw will be collaborating and allowing them to continue distributing hope, dreams and help to a worthy cause. Here are 3 different ways for you to make the purchase and contribute:

  • In person: you can visit a lottery administration if visiting, living or residing in Spain. There are official lottery kiosks where you can buy tickets. Depending on your location you will have a wider variety of ticket choices in numbers
  • Online: You can buy your ticket through a lottery website service online. We recommend buying your tickets from a trustworthy site. You can choose your ticket number online and depending on the service the ticket will be delivered to you physically or you will receive a secure digital version of the ticket.
  • Phone: Making your purchase via phone through a lottery messenger service. You can receive a virtual photo of the ticket you buy straight to your mobile phone or email.

Prize Recap Red Cross Special Draw

This giveaway has 15 grand prizes:

  • First Prize: 1,500,000 euros.
  • Second Prize: 300,000 euros.
  • Third Prize: 150,000 euros.
  • 12 prizes of 75,000 euros.

This years distribution of tickets consists of 10 series total of 100,000 tickets each at 150 euros per ticket, divided into tenths worth 15 euros. In total 70% of the issue will be distributed in prizes: 105 million euros.

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The Work of The Red Cross

The Red Cross is an international humanitarian organization that aims to protect the lives and dignity of people affected by armed conflicts, natural disasters and other crisis situations. Its symbol is a red cross on a white background, which has become a globally recognized emblem.

The origin of the Red Cross dates back to 1859, when the Swiss Henry Dunant founded the International Committee of the Red Cross after witnessing the terrible plight of the wounded from the Battle of Solferino in Italy. Since then, the Red Cross has expanded internationally and has established several areas of action, such as health care, emergency and disaster response, promotion of human rights, development cooperation, and training and education in humanitarian values.

The Red Cross is an independent and neutral organization that does not take sides in armed conflicts or in political, religious or ideological disputes. Its work is based on humanitarian principles such as impartiality, neutrality, independence and universality, and its aim is to help all people affected by crisis situations, without discrimination of any kind.

The History of The Red Cross in Spain

The Red Cross in Spain has a long history dating back to 1864, when the Sociedad de Socorros Mutuos de Guerra, which later became the Spanish Red Cross, was founded. Throughout its history, the Red Cross in Spain has provided assistance in numerous emergency and crisis situations, both nationally and internationally.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Spanish Red Cross played a prominent role in the care of the wounded in the Moroccan War (1909-1927), and during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) it carried out important work in health and social assistance to the civilian and military population. During World War II, the Spanish Red Cross provided aid to Spanish prisoners of war and refugees from occupied Europe.

In the 1960s, the Red Cross in Spain established itself as a humanitarian aid and development cooperation organization, and over the following decades, it has developed a wide range of programs and services in areas such as health, care for the elderly and disabled, intervention in emergencies and disasters, first aid training and the promotion of humanitarian values.

Currently, the Red Cross in Spain has more than 200,000 volunteers and 1,300 employees, and provides aid and assistance to more than 4 million people a year. Among its main areas of action are assistance to people in vulnerable situations, intervention in emergencies and disasters, cooperation for development and training and education in humanitarian values.

Draw Locations "Red Cross" Raffles "Cruz Roja" 1964 Onwards

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From 1995 to 2004, two Red Cross Raffles were held each year.

Red Cross First Prizes from 1924 - 2022

First Prize
Ticket Price
Pts. 2,000,000
Pts. 250
Pts. 2,000,000
Pts. 250
Pts. 2,000,000
Pts. 250
Pts. 2,000,000
Pts. 250
Pts. 2,000,000
Pts. 250
Pts. 2,000,000
Pts. 250
Pts. 2,000,000
Pts. 250
Pts. 2,000,000
Pts. 250
La Línea
Pts. 2,000,000
Pts. 250
Pts. 2,000,000
Pts. 250
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Up to 2001, ticket price & top prize in pesetas.